Social Shares check

Want to know how much your website is shared on Social Media? With the new social shares check you can see how much your website is posted on different social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

The importance of social shares

Why is it important to have your site shared on social media? These days, with the internet and social media fully integrated in our lives, word of mouth is one of the best marketing techniques your website can have. Everybody shares websites and looks at websites which are shared by others. The best shares are when a website, video or link goes viral.

By making sure that your website is easy to share you can get more visitors to your website, increase the value of your website and generate more sales.

Get more social shares

You can make it easier for your customers to allow them to share your website or a page by including share buttons on your website. Underneath you find a list of some popular sharing tools which are easy to install in your website.

You can also get more shares by offering a free product, such as an e-book or digital download, in exchange for a Tweet or a Facebook post. The website Twitter Payment offers free 'pay with a tweet' or 'pay with a Facebook post' buttons for your website.

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