Increase the value of your domain

Do you have a domainname and would you like to increase the value of the domain? Here are 3 tips on how to easily increase the value of your domain name.

Domain name values are based on multiple factors such as the domain extension (TLD), such as .com, .net or .us. Also values are based on the domain length, the word(s) it contains, the number of characters, if it contains hyphens or numbers and much more factors. But if you want to increase the value of the domain name without changing or registering an other domain, we give you hereby 3 simple tips on how to increase the value of your domain name.

Create a website for the domain

The best way to increase the value is to create a website for the domain name. The main reason that a website improves the value of the domain is because domain names that have websites built up search ranking and other ranks. If you buy a domain which already has some ranking, the new website is easier found in Google and other search rankings and the new website owner has to do less work to get found on the web. Thus increasing the value.

If you want to create a quick website without for your domain name, you could try a parking provider. Most websites where you can put your domain up for sale also provide parking options. For example at Sedo you can even make some money on clicks by parking your domain there. Read more about Sedo Parking here. GoDaddy also offers a parking solution called CashParking.

Although parking your domain helps you to monetize your domain, it does not increase the value of your domain so much as having your own custom website. Having your own website increases the value of your domain name much more, because Google recognises parking pages and prefers custom websites with unique content.

You can easily create your own website without having to go into any technical stuff with a number of webtool on the internet. If you have your own webhosting you can create your website with WordPress, Joomla or another CMS (content management system). If you need webhosting for multiple domains have a look at Site5 or GoDaddy webhosting.

If installing a CMS and managing webhosting is too much for you, you can also try one of the online sitebuilders on the web where you can create a website, such as Strikingly or Duda. Both services are great for building beautifull websites without any code or design skills needed.

Just a few small reminders when creating your websites are: have some good texts on the website about the topic with indepth information, but not too much text. Include pictures and images of the topic. And create multiple pages which link to each other.

Make use of social media

Create free accounts on social media sites such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc, and fill in info about your website and link to your domain. The Google spiders scan these sites every minute and will find your newly ceated profiles very fast. These profiles and usernames can be offered together with the domain, already increasing some of it's value, but if you get followers on these accounts, the value of your domain will only increase more and more.

Next step is to make sure your website and social media accounts get shared more on social media, for more info about getting shared on social media read this blog article on Free Valuator: New webtool: Social Shares check

Get more backlinks

Backlinks are links from other websites to your domain/website. Besides getting backlinks from social media you should also have backlinks from other websites. You can get backlinks by posting your website on forums about the same topic as your website, by commenting on blogs or writing guest blog items about the topic for existing blogs, and you can get backlinks by exchanging links with other websites. Exchanging links has been one of the oldest tricks to get more backlinks, a website places your link in exchange for a link on your website. You can also place your link in link directories such as DMOZ. Make sure to find the correct category to post your link to, because otherwise your link request can get refused.

Do not buy links on website that offer to place your link for a fee. This can still work, but the increase of the value of your domain is most of the times less then the costs of the link.

Final conclusion

If you follow these steps above for your domain, you have made your domain more attractive for buyers to buy your domain and you have increased the value. Eventually this is an ongoing routine you should follow for increasing the value of domain name: improve your website, get more followers on social media, get shared more and get more backlinks. Good luck with increasing the value of your domain name!