More and more Pokémon GO domains registered and sold

© picture from PCMag

Pokémon GO is a worldwide phenomenon. A lot of people are playing the addictive game and are walking everywhere on the streets and in parks. But what us domainers see also is that more and more Pokémon GO domains are being registered and sold. Since the start of Pokémon GO there are already thousands of .com domains registered with the word Pokémon.

Pokémon GO is hot, as seen from domain registrations. Already so many Pokémon domains have been registered since the start, but not without any risk, because the word Pokémon is a registered trademark. Domain name holders risk a lawsuit by Nintendo.

Domain sold for $ 20.950

On Sunday 17 July Namebio announced the sale of for the amount of $ 20.950 by Dropcatch, a company that registers valuable domains that just have been dropped. Also the domains,, and have been recently sold through different domain sellers and brokers.

Trademark disputes

Domainers seem to take advantage of the popularity of the new game, but unfortunately this is not without any risk. Pokémon is a registered trademark and the domain owners of Pokémon domains risk trademark disputes and even lawsuits. Although it does not looks like Nintendo is actively starting lawsuits against any Pokémon domain owner, domain holders still have the risk of losing their domain. A trademark dispute can lead to handing over the domain to the rightfull owner, but can also lead to paying a big fine in worst case scenarios. Registering or buying a domain name containing a brand is strongly discouraged.