Crowd Appraisals

Ask the crowd how much your domain name is worth and get appraisals from them!

With the new crowd appraisal system of Free Valuator you can put your domain up for crowd appraising and let other people appraise your domain. Also, you can appraise domains of other users and become an appraisal specialist yourself.

How it works

It is very easy to appraise domains or let other users appraise your domain. Login with your account and start appraising the domains where you are interested in. Enter a value in your own currency and give a detailed description why you have chosen for that value. After you have appraised a domain, you can see the other valuations for the domain. 

If you would like to setup your own domain for crowd appraising, login with your account and visit submit a domain. Enter the domain name which you would like to put up for crowd appraising and click on submit. Your domain is now available for crowd appraising and you will receive appraisals from other users.

Advantages of Crowd Appraisals

Letting domains be appraised by the crowd has a number of advantages:

  • More accurate overview of what people are willing to pay for the domain
  • Get the median and average number of the crowds value
  • Let other people know about your domain
  • Have discussions about the value

Win a free subscription

Win a free year subscription on Free Valuator! The top 5 crowd appraisers of the month September and October receive a free year subscription!

Do not wait and put your domain up for crowd appraising. Start crowd appraising domains now and win!