How to sell your website on Flippa

Flippa is one of the best services to sell your website, app or domain. In this article we will focus on selling websites on Flippa, tips on how to promote your Flippa listing and tell you what to do after you have sold your website.

Put your website up for sale

If you want to put your website up for sale on Flippa, you first need to choose whether your website is an established site or a starter site. If your website is younger than 3 months, does not generate any traffic or revenue, then your website is a starter site. After this you can select if you would like to put up your website for auction or if you would like a classified listing. To get the most people to see your Flippa listing, you need to select auction. This does cost some money, but you get the best results with this option.

After entering your website url, you will be asked to enter some details of the website such as the type of your website, the start date of the site, your traffic/Google Analytics and your revenue per month. Make sure you can back up your revenue data by uploading proof in the attachment section. You can also add your Google AdSense account to automatically show your verified revenue from Google Adsense.

The Pitch

Now you will need to fill in a good description of your website, starting with a tagline and a summary. The tagline is shown in the websites overview, so it is important to get a good sales pitch, such as: Great Site with 123,456 uniques/mo making $1,234/mo. The summary is a bold section above your Flippa listing. This has to be a good description of what your website does.

Then comes the complete sales pitch. Here you can tell everything a future buyer needs to know about your website. There are multiple ways to create an excellent sales pitch, but here are some points which you could talk about:

  • Business model
  • Technical details of the site
  • Customers / Traffic (Website IQ is an excellent resource)
  • Monetization
  • Opportunities
  • Costs
  • Operations
  • About yourself
  • Support after the sale
  • Frequently asked questions

For good examples of sales pitches, taglines and summaries you can also check out other Flippa listings in the same category as your website.

Duration, reserve price, BIN

When selecting the duration of your auction at Flippa you need to pay attention that you let your auction end on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. When selecting these days, potential buyers have enough time after the weekend to think about bidding on your auction and you do not rush them to make a decision right for another weekend.

The reserve price is the minimum price you would sell your website for. A lot of people search for websites which have their 'reserve met', this means that the sale of the website is going through. The easiest way to get your reserve met as quickly as possible is to set a reserve price of $1. But if your site is valuable to you and do not want to risk to sell it for $1, you can set the reserve price to your minimum price.

You can also set the Buy It Now (BIN) price. With this you give potential buyers the option to immediately end the auction and buy your website. You can even select if you wish to let buyers immediately pay with PayPal. The best is to not set your BIN price at the beginning of the auction, because you could scare off buyers and, off course, you can maybe get more for your website then your BIN price. The best time to set your BIN price is in the last week of your auction. In the last week you may already have received some bids, so you know which direction the auction is going and you will be able to set a better BIN price.

Promoting your Flippa listing

Before your listing is live, you can select promotion options for your website. These cost money and are self explanatory. Depending on how much you think you want to sell your website for, you can choose to get some promoting options at Flippa, otherwise you can also do some promotion yourself. If you wish to do the promotion yourself: be sure to tweet and post your listing on all your social media channels, multiple times. You can also add the Flippa widget on your website, which tells your visitors that the website is for sale. If you have ever sold websites in the past, you can also contact old bidders on your websites and buyers of your websites where you have had a good experience with.

Finishing the sale

After you have successfully sold your website on Flippa, you will need to complete the sale in the Sales completion area. Here the buyer or seller can start the Flippa Escrow procedure, discuss the website transfer and sale agreement, send any transfer codes for the domain and view contact details of the buyer and the seller. If you have used an other payment option then Flippa Escrow or PayPal, you will need to pay the success fee yourself in the sales completion area. You can also download and use the sample sale agreement provided by Flippa, for a more safe business transaction. For the transferring of website assets, which most of the times comes before transferring the domain, you can use the WeTransfer account of Flippa:

For the transfer of social media accounts such as a Twitter account, Facebook Page, Pinterest page and more, you can reset all your passwords and send the new passwords to the buyer. Please make sure to remove any personal or credit card data from the accounts first. If the accounts are connected to an email address on the sold domain, you can also let the new owner request a new password, the reset password instructions will be mailed to the email address on the sold domain. A Facebook page can be transferred by making the buyers Facebook account an administrator on the page and then leaving the page yourself.

After the sale has completed you will be asked to give feedback of the sale. If you had a good experience with the buyer, always leave a good review and ask him to give you a positive review of the sale too. This helps to improve your ranking on Flippa. More positive feedback on previous sales, helps you getting your website sold faster and for more the next time.


Selling your website on Flippa is already very easy, but with these steps and tips outlined above, you can make a head start with the sale of your website on Flippa. So start selling on Flippa today!