How to set up domain parking?

Want to earn some money with your unused/unsold/undeveloped domains? With domain parking you can earn a bit extra cash with your domain portfolio. Setting up domain parking on your domain is not difficult. In this article we will look into the various domain parking providers and how to set them up.

What is domain parking?

Domain parking is simply showing a standard website without really active developing the site. Most of the times the domain parking page contains advertisements/links, a message that the domain is for sale and/or a coming soon message.

As a domain owner you can earn money by placing advertisements and paid links on the domain that relates to the category your domain is in. A domain parking provider does this all for you. If your goal is to sell the domain eventually, then you can also get the domain sold faster by showing a contact form or a 'Domain for sale!' message.

Domain parking providers

There are various domain parking providers available, some where you can also sell your domain and some which focus only on domain parking. We will look into the 4 best domain parking providers:


ParkingCrew is a domain parking platform which focuses on improving domain parking. To start with ParkingCrew you need to apply for an account. Your account will then be reviewed by ParkingCrew. Once your application has been approved, you can add your domain(s). Finally you need to change the nameservers of your domains to and to forward your domain to your domain parking page.

Go to the website of ParkingCrew


Besides a domain marketplace SEDO also offers a domain parking solution, this is automatically activated if you put your domain for sale on SEDO. If you do not have a SEDO account yet, just create one and start adding your domains. You will need to complete the "domain parking certification" in your SEDO account, before you can really start earning money. This also makes it possible for you to display ads from SEDO's premium advertising partners on your parked domains. Finally you need to set the nameservers of your domains to and, otherwise the domain parking will not work.

Go to the website of SEDO


Bodis is a very easy to use domain parking platform which also focuses only on helping domainers monetize their undeveloped domain names. Just sign up for an account and start adding your domains to Bodis. Change your nameservers to and, and you're ready to go!

Go to the website of Bodis


If your goal is to get the domain sold as fast as possible, then you can also use the Flippa domain parking option. Flippa domain parking does not contain any advertisements, but is created to get your domain sold faster and for more money.

Go to the website of Flippa

Start monetizing your unused domains with domain parking. Choose one of the above domain parking providers and start earning money with your domain portfolio.