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QIDANW | Jun 14, 2017

The domain has a future with the internet's automation and artificial-intelligence oriented applications. ------------- Would appreciate an appraisal for 1 of my domain postings:)

carbonsix | Jul 11, 2017

8 chr, dot com, concise, meaningful, vast spread of website design themes

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[email protected] | Oct 30, 2017

because if the target is people looking for a valuation, is easy to remember but it would need a lot of money on marketing because valuator of what , so why not more of a niche in a wide open market. cheers and good luck with it.

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Vatsalpatel | Nov 14, 2017

Monthly type-in can be around 2000. Domain age is also good. This can be acquired by some great tech startup. Good luck man.

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alfromhell | Jan 6, 2018

Very appealing and can be associated with high-value survey activities

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malborinorosso | Mar 13, 2018

very good English 1word domain. Excellent variety of uses too

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syndora | Jun 27, 2018

One word domain, also .com - This would be a great online tool/software.

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DomainLords | Aug 12, 2018

many uses so much value

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[email protected] | Jan 23, 2019

8 letter .com prounacable easy to remember and depending on daily searches which I believe is pretty high for this domain. Please appraise this domains:

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wigandomain | Aug 14, 2019

i'm new to this so i could be way off, can anyone appraise for me please? thank you.

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MarkTee | Sep 1, 2019

Good, single word URL - of use for anyone from Real estate / realtors to company pricing organizations. Might be worth even more if the company that wants it enough has deep pockets.

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saiprasad491 | Apr 8, 2021

Single English keyword highly used in everyday life easy to remember

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eddiemar | Jun 10, 2021

genius thats all i can say

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robert_kotula | Jun 17, 2021

Fairly easy to remember the domain name.

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deeplens3 | Jul 4, 2021

one word and .com registered in 30 other extensions .Valuable domain for the right business

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ivaneft | Sep 17, 2021

One commonly known word.

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Dmartin | Jan 14, 2022

Single english word, excellent appeal, multiple industry usage possible, no numbers or dashes, 8 letters, comps, age, traffic, .com

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