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ruud | Sep 14, 2016

Good domain name for a press release website.

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CygnetDNS | Nov 5, 2016

Great for PR / Marketing services, such as press release distribution or social media marketing services.

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mrdavidnash | Dec 7, 2016

Would be good for a PR firm

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Hariharan | Jan 30, 2017

simple. perhaps too much. pls review and contact if interested in purchasing it

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Lex404 | Feb 9, 2017

PR PR PR Well, I hate the PR staff. Last time they asked me "where I see myself in 10 years" and I said "working for me somewhere far from here". I made it in one year :)) please appraise, i found it good for airline related websites. Airlinegate is $3k on godaddy

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hurfleplurp | Mar 22, 2017

good domain in either the PR or tech space

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