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Appraisals for 4u2pay.com

[email protected] | Oct 13, 2017

Hi ravis99, Thank you for your appraisal. I am wanting to sell this Domain. What is quickest way I can possibly do this? Regards Matthew

ravis99 | Oct 13, 2017

to be the quickest way is to hire a broker. but the brokers usually are interested in very high profile domain names. I appraised it to 15000 but when you go and try to sell it, people will hardly pay 2000 euros for it. so quickest way is to get a premium auction plan on sedo ,flippa or whichever site you like to sell from. go daddy has a lot of domain names for auction so the exposure even after buying a premium auction plan, is very less. go for sedo and flippa and get a featured auction.