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Dreamdealer | Oct 2, 2016

Id be wary of a cybersquatting charge for a trademark infringement

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robert_kotula | Oct 22, 2016

Brand Name. .shopping allowing for a nice Affiliate Site.

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Hariharan | Jan 30, 2017

Likely to be bought by co

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wayo.india | Feb 6, 2017

Please upraise Current market value is $759,000/- Thank you in advance.

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Lex404 | Feb 9, 2017

.shopping is not a good option, even if is related to shopping. Adidas is registred TM and that can be a problem too please appraise, i find it good for airline related websites. Airlinegate is $3k on godaddy

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spandexpanda | Mar 22, 2017

I see some trademark problems

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DomainInlet | May 2, 2017

this domain uses a widely protected trademark. No practical application unless by an authorized distributor or by the manufacturer

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WernerSmit | Jun 5, 2017

Immediately interested and one knows what the website is going to be about...Provokes interest...Good one!

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carbonsix | Jul 12, 2017

pretty nice for a shopping site, appealing et of characters for a product brand

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[email protected] | Jul 31, 2017

It has addias in the name

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[email protected] | Sep 25, 2017

a great name of a massive brand. Only danger are law suits

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chrisvra89 | Jan 7, 2018

I do not think it can be used for anything if there is a copyright case here. However if adidas is interested might offer good money.

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[email protected] | Feb 27, 2018

you will get killed on the TM, this is worthless

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Saucey | Mar 2, 2018

I believe this is a trademark infringement. Therefore, there is no value in my opinion

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malborinorosso | Mar 13, 2018

would never buy adidas from, too scammy.

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hahonja | Sep 28, 2018

Please appraise

DomainLords | Oct 24, 2018

copy right issues. Not worth the headache and loss of money to hold this domain or website.

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stuffthatspins | Dec 3, 2018

would be an excellent domain to sell adidas products. Potential revenue in first year 100-200k

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[email protected] | Jan 23, 2019

easy to remember and depending on daily searches which I believe is pretty high for this domain. Please appraise this domains:

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[email protected] | Feb 18, 2019

Succint domain All Day I Dream About Selling this domain, could you please evaluate

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tenandloco | Mar 19, 2019

Please appraise and

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tm.onono | Oct 4, 2019

not a TLD and some risk of trademark infringement.

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devsda1 | Dec 31, 2019

This'll probably end up having adidas go after you for it but it's unlikely

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