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leonariel | Oct 10, 2017

This area of 7D could be a massive one in the future. Well done!

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[email protected] | Jan 23, 2019

Easy to remember and depending on daily searches which I believe is pretty high for this domain. Please appraise this domains: GoSpex.com ThisLasVegas.com DesVegas.com Yopha.com OvoGram.com OvoChat.com BallFul.com

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gilesbailey | Jan 22, 2021

Although it could grow in the future, 7D does not and cannot exist as there are only 3 dimensions, with a possible 4th, and so will never be as popular as 3D or 4D. Anything past 4D is just for advertising.

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eddiemar | Jun 11, 2021

Very Universal.. nice

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