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robert_kotula | Oct 23, 2016

It's a nice domain, but I'm not in the buying power right now for such a purchase.

DBrazenBull | Jan 19, 2017

2 english words .com interesting things can be done with this domain

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Hariharan | Jan 30, 2017

simple straightforward pls appraise

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leonariel | Feb 23, 2017

Great piece of a domain name!!! :)

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Adamukbtc | May 21, 2017 would be much better but I guess that's gone. Other than a recruitment agency I don't feel there is a big market for this domain as councils are usually location specific

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carbonsix | Jul 11, 2017

2 words, focussed to jobs board, jobsite, etc. 11 chr and a com,

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