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outsof | Sep 13, 2016

Premium one world domain name with over 1.5 Mln google searcher. Highly profitable domain for website, blog and related business.

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CygnetDNS | Nov 8, 2016

One word, English. Also being a .COM gTLD it is more attractive / valuable. There will be a lot of 'random' traffic to this domain / website, and so potential for significant advertising revenue, however, as the EXAMPLE.COM domain name is commonly used in software/application/teaching demos (and has a long established acceptance of this use) it would be difficult to change the use to host any other service.

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BOOGNISH13 | Nov 21, 2016

It can be used as a how to site, or info for any matter.

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braderZ | Dec 6, 2016

Most used example domain ever!

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mrdavidnash | Dec 7, 2016

I think this would get a lot of traffic and would do really well in advertising revenue.

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iab | Dec 23, 2016

Difficult to say. The domain is a bit too broad. I can't straightaway think of where the domain will be applicable. But if you get an email from a top-shot offering 5 figures, I won't be surprised!

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evisar | Jan 11, 2017

It would be a fantastic domain name for a "how to do it" website, especially a video based website. A one stop shop for how to do pretty much everything.

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cedwardsmedia | Jan 17, 2017

As example.com is unable to be transferred due to RFC 2606, the domain is effectively worthless.

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DBrazenBull | Jan 18, 2017

.com unique keyword worth maybe it worth even more

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jonriddle | Feb 1, 2017

Good, broad appeal, one English word TLC

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Terhand | Feb 19, 2017

Very common word that could be used to sell anything

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m.azher | Feb 20, 2017

very easy to remember ending with .com

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