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Dreamdealer | Oct 2, 2016

I would think a place that could be used to find or become a specialist would be valuable based on high paying jobs and training costs for affilliate earnings as well as possible book sales or trade publications or related ones.

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tomown3 | Feb 14, 2017

PLUG! Would appreciate some peer appraisals on my domain

WernerSmit | Jun 5, 2017

Immediately interested and one knows what the website is going to be about...Provokes interest...Good one!

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carbonsix | Jul 12, 2017

revealing set of words, nice for a blog, a dot com

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bistrocamp | Apr 18, 2018

we may need lots of such nuclear power engineers as fossil power is not a sustainable source of energy.

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Neasis | May 9, 2018

Very long name

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[email protected] | Jan 23, 2019

Easy to remember and depending on daily searches which I believe is pretty high for this domain. Please appraise this domains:

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jft1918 | Nov 16, 2019

Good, professional, high-end, high-paying job title and domain. Is correctly spelled without numbers nor hyphens and has the foremost .com TDL. Has more than 15 characters which doesn’t matter here. May we’ll be worth more.

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niksavvy | Mar 8, 2020

Good keywords. I don't know how many nuclear engineers there are though so this may not be high value even though the keywords are high value.

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eddiemar | Jun 10, 2021

its a niche name but easy to remember. dont know what kind of traffic it will get but its catchy

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gorillanixon | Apr 1, 2022

Seems like too niche of a group that a whole site would be profitable for them

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mofish62 | Sep 1, 2022

Is there a nuclear engineers society?

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