Generate Domains

Generate Domains

Generate domains by selecting 2 wordlists in the category of your choice and combining them together.

Use your own wordlists

Use Your Own Wordlists

Create and use your own wordlists. Log in to create and manage your wordlists with your favorite words.

Find available domains

Find Available Domains

Find available domains by generating domain names and see if a domain name is available or for sale.

About Combine lists domain generator

Generate domains with keywords from 2 standard or custom created keywordlists by combining the words. For example you can choose the 'Prefixes' list first and a list about your subject as second list.

The combine lists domain generator checks if the domains are available or for sale on Sedo.

How Combine lists domain generator works

  1. Select 2 keyword lists where you would like to combine the words of.
  2. Select TLD and select if you would like to add a hyphen.
  3. Click Generate Random and see wich domain combinations are available.