Domain Appraisal

How is the value of my domain estimated by Free Valuator?

Webtool: Domain name appraisal

The free domain appraisal tool at Free Valuator uses multiple domain metrics, ranks and other domain details to calculate the value of a domain name. Premium domain appraisals are appraised with the help of an expert appraiser.

Can I appraise multiple domains at the same time or perform bulk appraisals?

Webtool: Bulk Domain Appraisals

If you have a premium account with Free Valuator you can perform multiple appraisals, up to 10 domains each time or you can perform bulk appraisals with a limit of 4 million domains at a time. The longer the bulk domain list is, the longer it will take for the bulk tool to appraise the complete list.

Can I place the estimated value on my website?

Webtool: Widgets

You can place a domain worth button with the Free Valuator estimated value on your website with a domain appraisal widget. You can also create a Pagerank or Alexa rank button with the widgets tool or you can just share the value with the share link to the appraisal.

Can I guaranteed sell my domain or website at the appraisal value?

No, not guaranteed. The domain appraisal provides an estimated value of your domain or website. It should be used as a guideline for pricing your domain or for negotiating with buyers or sellers. The appraisal does not necessarily reflect the amount that the domain may, or will, sell for.

I have a developed website, can you valuate this?

Yes, we also valuate websites based on a number of factors such as which CMS is used, if it contains W3C errors and site metrics such as Moz Rank and Alexa rank. Please order the website appraisal to get a true valuation of your website.

Can other people see my professional appraisal?

No, if you order a professional appraisal, the appraisal will only be send to you. However, you could always decide to view and share your appraisal with anyone you would like.

Can I have foreign domains appraised?

Yes, we can appraise all kinds of domains, including foreign domains with all kinds of TLDs.

Do I have to own the domain to get an appraisal?

No, you do not have to own the domain if you want an appraisal. Customers buy appraisals with us for many reasons such as buying a domain, and a domain appraisal can help you get a good indication how high an offer on a domain should be.

Will you alert the owner of the domain about my appraisal?

No, we do not alert the domain name owner in any way about your appraisal.

Domain Registration

How long do I have to wait for the registration of my ordered domains?

Webtool: Register your domain

Most of the times our domain name registrations are within 1 minute with realtime registrars. Sometimes it can take up to hour, depending on the registrar. If your domain registration takes longer then 1 day, please contact support so that we can find out what is wrong.

Do I need to renew my domains manually?

Yes, you need to renew your domain names manually in advance. If you do not renew your domains before they expire, then the domain name will be dropped. If this happens, but you still want to renew the domain, then please contact support to double check if it is possible to restore the domain.


Who is Free Valuator?

Free Valuator is a company which has over 15 years experience in the domaining industry and has been providing domain appraisals for over 5 years. We consist of a small team of expert domain appraisers who love their work and try for the best accuracy in appraising domains in the business.

Is Free Valuator secure?

Yes, we do our best to keep our servers and systems secure. Our website is secured with a SSL certificate and all your details that are filled in at checkout are encrypted and send over this secure SSL connection.

How can I contact Free Valuator?

You can contact us by using our contact form on our website or by sending an email to [email protected]

I did not receive an activation email?

If you did not received our activation email for activating your account, you can use our resend activation email form.

Sell domains

Does Free Valuator offer any domain brokerage services?

We do not offer any domain brokerage service at the moment. We recommend selling your domain name online with a domain seller from the domain appraisal tool.

Should I sell the domain for the estimated value from the free domain appraisal tool?

Webtool: Domain name appraisal

This is entirely up to you. The free domain appraisal tool gives a good indication of the value of the domain. If you have a premium domain, a short domain or have had any high bids on your domain, we recommend using our professional domain appraisal service.

Subscriptions and billing

What are the accepted payment methods in checkout?

You can purchase certificates, appraisals and subscriptions with Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discovery credit cards and/or with your PayPal account. Credit card payments are processed with a secure ssl connection by Braintree Payments. We do not save/store credit card information.

Do I need to renew my subscription manually?

Yes, you need to renew any subscriptions manually. We do not save/store any payment information, but only do one-time transactions. You can renew a subscription by ordering a new subscription from the premium page. The new subscription will automatically start when your current subscription ends.

When will I receive my certificate, appraisal or subscription?

If you ordered a Free Valuator certificate or premium subscription, then these will be downloadable or activated after we have received your payment and your payment status is changed to: Completed. A professional domain appraisal will be emailed to you within 1-3 business days.
If you have trouble with the delivery of any ordered products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

I'm not satisfied with the service, can I request a refund?

You can only get a refund on subscriptions within 30 days by contacting Free Valuator by email. Appraisal certificates and professional domain appraisals are not refundable.

How will I receive my professional domain appraisal?

You will receive your professional domain appraisal on the email address filled in at checkout, so make sure you fill in the right email address. If you ever lose your appraisal you can email us from the same email address you have ordered your appraisal with and we will send you your appraisal again.

Why does the PayPal statement say Multimedia?

This is because Multimedia is our main company name and we use one PayPal account for all our business. Free Valuator is our tradename, but we cannot set separate tradenames at PayPal for each of our businesses.