Bulk Appraisal Features

Our Bulk Domain Appraisal tool has many features.

Big Domain Lists

Bulk appraise big domain lists almost instantly with the Bulk Appraisals of Free Valuator.

Multiple Bulk Servers

We have multiple bulk servers which can appraise a lot of domains instantly.

Set seperator

You can upload your list with comma seperated domains, with line-breaks or seperated by semi-colon.

Download CSV

After your bulk appraisal has finished you can download the appraisal result in a CSV file.


Get notified when our servers start appraising your bulk list and be notified when your bulk appraisal is finished.

Search Domains

Search domains in your bulk lists and view the appraisal results and domain availability.

You need to Login to view your Bulk Domain Appraisals and you need a premium subscription to perform bulk domain appraisals.

About Bulk Domain Appraisals

The Bulk Domain Appraisal tool appraises multiple domains and is designed for big, bulk domain lists.

With the Bulk Domain Name Appraisal tool you can easily appraise domain lists up to 20.000 domains. You need to have a premium subscription to use the Bulk Domain Check.

How Bulk Domain Appraisals works

  1. Click New Bulk List and fill in your bulk domain list. And select how the domains are separated; comma, line break, etc.
  2. Click Submit to appraise all the domains.
  3. View result and view all apraisals of the bulk domain list.