Looking for the Twitter Username Worth tool or want to perform a check now?  Twitter Username Worth

To authenticate and communicate with the Twitter Username Worth API, you need to use the following GET parameters.

todoFill in twitterworth to tell the api to perform a Twitter Username Worth check.
format (optional)With the format parameter you tell the api in wich format to output the Twitter Username Worth. The following options are available: json, xml
usernameFill in your username.
api_keyFill in your API key.
twitterFill in the Twitter username where you would like to check the worth of.

Example GET request

Underneath an example of a GET request to the Twitter Username Worth API. You need to change the username and API key in this example to get it to work.

API Url: https://api.freevaluator.com/?todo=twitterworth&format=json&username=YOUR_USERNAME&api_key=YOUR_APIKEY&twitter=THE_TWITTER_USERNAME

Result Example