Looking for the Whois webtool or want to perform a whois search now?  Whois Webtool

To authenticate and communicate with the Whois API, you need to use the following GET parameters.

todoFill in whois to tell the api to perform a Whois search.
format (optional)With the format parameter you tell the api in wich format to output the data. The following options are available: json, xml
usernameFill in your username.
api_keyFill in your API key.
domainFill in the domain wich you would like to look up.

Example GET request

Underneath an example of a GET request to the API. You need to change the username and API key in this example to get it to work.

API Url: https://api.freevaluator.com/?todo=whois&format=json&username=YOUR_USERNAME&api_key=YOUR_APIKEY&domain=example.com

Result Example

 "data":"% IANA WHOIS server\n% for more information on IANA, visit http:\/\/www.iana.org\n% This query returned 1 object\n\ndomain: EXAMPLE.COM\n\norganisation: Internet Assigned Numbers Authority\n\ncreated: 1992-01-01\nsource: IANA\n"