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Do you want to know how much your domains are worth? With this free domain valuation tool you can get a preview of what the value is of a domain name. Free Valuator calculates the value of the domain based on the domains keywords, statistics, website rankings and the sales of similar domains.

Free Valuator also offers professional domain appraisals by expert domain appraisers, and domain name registrations. A professional domain appraisal is based on multiple factors and gives a detailed overview of your domain's worth.

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More Webtools

Free Valuator also offers other webtools besides appraisals, such as the domain generators, Alexa and Moz Rank checks, Whois results and much more.

Crowd Appraisals

Put your domain up for crowd appraising and check what the crowd thinks your domain is worth.

Domain Sales History

View recent comparable domain name sales. Fill in your domain and find comparable domain sales

Facebook Page Worth

Check how much your Facebook Page and Likes are worth with the Facebook Page Worth check.

Domain Name Generator

Generate domain names with the Free Valuator Domain Name Generator.

Combine Lists Generator

Generate random domain names with the Free Valuator Combine Lists Domain Name Generator.

Random Domain Generator

Generate random domain names with the Free Valuator Random Domain Name Generator.

Premium Domain Appraisals

Order a premium domain appraisal and receive a complete overview of your domain's worth within 1-3 business days.

Bulk Domain Appraisals

Perform multiple domain appraisals for big domain lists with the Bulk Domain Check.