Badges: gotta catch 'em all!

Collect all badges by appraising domains and more! As you may have noticed, we added an award system for all users. You can now collect badges for appraising domains, using the webtools, generating domains and more. You can view all your hard earned badges in your account.

How can you earn badges?

You can earn badges in a lot of ways. You receive badges by appraising domains, using the webtools, bulk appraising domains, using the API, ordering appraisal certificates and much more. Premium users also get the premium badge and you can get a country badge with the flag of your country by adding your country in your profile. You also receive a badge for the number of years you have been a user on Free Valuator.

The badges that are in your account now are based on your appraisal history, API usage and order history.

Who can see my badges?

At the moment of writing, you are the only one who can see your badges. But because we are busy with creating a crowd appraisal system with public profiles, your badges will be available publicly if you have set your profile to public. Do not worry, your profile stays private until you change it yourself to public.

When the public profiles are available, you can show off your hard earned badges to other users.