Improved bulk domain appraisal system

Appraise big lists of domain names faster with the improved bulk domain appraisal system. We have connected multiple new bulk appraisal servers with a renewed appraisal system which appraises domains over 6 times faster then our old system.

Faster domain appraising

We have to acknowledge that our old bulk appraisal system was slow at some times. That is why we had to improve our bulk appraising system to make sure bulk appraisals are finished much more quicker. We have totally renewed the software and servers, and we have installed and configured more servers with this new system. The new bulk appraisal servers of Free Valuator appraise domain names over 6 times faster then our old system. You can now also view the status of all our servers on

Bulk appraise your domains now

The bulk appraisal tool can handle different kinds of domain lists: you can fill in your domain list with your domains separated by line-breaks (↵), comma separated (,) and separated with a semi-colon (;).

Want to bulk appraise your domains? Become a premium user, fill in your bulk domain appraisal list and see how fast your domain names are appraised. Visit the bulk domain appraisal tool and start appraising!