New advertising banners for affiliates

We have created new advertising banners for Free Valuator affiliates. Promote Free Valuator with these new banners and earn money on referring customers to Free Valuator.

Our old banners were very outdated and not in the style of our new website. The new advertising banners have the same style as our website and other marketing activities. We have also added the banners in more dimensions, such as mobile banners, leaderboards, skyscrapers, rectangles and other dimensions.

Why join the affiliate program

By promoting Free Valuator through our affiliate program, you can earn money on every customer that you refer to Free Valuator. Our affiliate program offers a wide variety of textlinks and banners which you can use on your website or in your newsletters. You can also create deeplinks to various parts in our website with our deeplink generator.

We have created an easy to use affiliate process with extremely accurate tracking by IP and cookies. Whenever a visitor signs up, the visitor will be registered as a referral to you. Whenever the referral makes a certificate or subscription order, the sale will be registered to you. If the referral has not returned their order after 1 month, we will approve the sale.

Start now

You can start now with our affiliate program and have your links and banners online within 5 minutes. If you already are a registered user at Free Valuator, just go to My Account > Affiliates > Affiliate links to view our new advertising banners. If you are not registered yet, please sign up for free and visit the affiliates section in your new account.