Facebook Page Value

Get the value of a Facebook Page with this Facebook Page Worth check. Just enter the FB Page and check the value.

Number Of Likes

Get the number of likes a Facebook Page has. This number is the most important number for the valuation of the Facebook Page.

More Details

Besides the value and the number of likes of the Facebook Page, you will also receive other details such as the Facebook description, category and links.

About Facebook Page Worth

Facebook likes are worth a lot. The Facebook Page Worth checks how many likes a page has and based on the total of likes it will give you the value of the Facebook Page.

Likes of a Facebook page with a lot of likes are worth more than likes on a Facebook page with very few likes.

How Facebook Page Worth works

  1. Fill in the Facebook page or the ID of the Facebook page.
  2. Click Check to check the value of the FB Page.
  3. View result and see how many likes a page has and what the FB page is worth.